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Our role brings us into contact with a wide range of people working in the world of projects. Over time we came to realise that we have built an informal community of like-minded people who want to see a change in how projects can be delivered by harnessing the power of humans working in creative collaboration.

We wish to continue to expand that community, building connections and friendships that can build momentum towards sustainable change. We therefore invite you to join us.



As a business we are continually interested in new thinking and research. Here you will find downloadable case studies and guidance to help your project team.
The Project Leaders’ Guide to Successful Joint Venture Project Teams
Early warning through stakeholder communications

Changing Behaviours in Construction: A complement to the Construction Playbook

Practical advice on how to create and lead strong project teams to deliver a step-change in construction project performance.

Stakeholder communication and risk  – Higher Education capital development
Bent but not Broken: A model for building team resilience

Team Coaching Toolkit:  A resource for team leaders and project managers

Building collaborative teams is an essential component in the delivery of complex projects. The Team Coaching Toolkit website will give you some tools and techniques to help coach your team to success. Click to access the toolkit.

Team Development Toolkit: Strategy Canvas

Team Development Toolkit: Team Key Performance Indicators 



ResoLex Roundtable events provide a forum for individuals and organizations to present their observations, opinions and ideas for delivering successful projects. The discussion, usually led by a subject matter expert, tends to focus on the space where people and projects intersect. With a wide range of attendees from all around the industry, the sessions are designed to stimulate discussion and leave the audience thinking about common issues from a new perspective.

Over several years, we have hosted ResoLex Roundtable discussions with speakers from the Institute for Collaborative Working, Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, TfL, Kings College London, Surrey Council, Constructing Excellence and many others.

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Roundtable discussions

Access a written summary of some of our previous roundtable discussions here.
April 2019

The value of difference in high-performing teams

March 2019

What next for construction?

February 2019

The impact of the project environment on collaboration

January 2019

The magic of conflict

April 2018

The impact of NEC4 on collaboration

March 2018

Tackling the barriers to collaboration

One of the successful side effects of the round table programme is the development of a network amongst our regular attendees. We have a collective interest in bringing positive change to the construction industry through building more effective ways of working.

We would like to build on this experience to extend the learning experiences that come from connecting people form different professions to come together in smaller groups to exchange views and stories around particular a theme or issue. We are in the process of designing a programme, if you would like to be involved, please contact us.