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As a business, we are continually interested in new thinking and research. Here you will find downloadable case studies, tools and guidance to help your project team.



Building Collective Intelligence tool

Building Collective Intelligence tool

Purpose: Tap into your team's potential to solve complex problems Time required: Initial half-day workshop, then interim follow-up work over the next six months The theory behind the resource: The traditional approach to problem-solving on large projects is to rely on...

Collaboration at the interfaces

Collaboration at the interfaces

Major projects are typically fraught with issues and problems. Teams are generally set up with the resources to solve day to day difficulties. It is why most of us like working on projects. What happens, however, when you have to rely on another team to find the...

The lost art of chairing a meeting

The lost art of chairing a meeting

How many of the meetings that you attended in the last month had a focused and clear agenda, ran to time, and sought a useful contribution from each of the attendees? How many of those meetings had attendees who then agreed and noted down a set of actions? From the...



Team Development Toolkit: Strategy Canvas

Team Development Toolkit: Team Key Performance Indicators 

Team Coaching Toolkit:  A resource for team leaders and project managers

Building collaborative teams is an essential component in the delivery of complex projects. The Team Coaching Toolkit website will give you some tools and techniques to help coach your team to success. Click to access the toolkit.

Our publications

Changing Behaviours in Construction: A complement to the Construction Playbook

Practical advice on how to create and lead strong project teams to deliver a step-change in construction project performance.

The Project Leaders’ Guide to Successful Joint Venture Project Teams
Early warning through stakeholder communications
Stakeholder communication and risk  – Higher Education capital development
Bent but not Broken: A model for building team resilience