Combining research into team performance, group dynamics and integrated working with lessons learned from our experience with other complex projects, we have developed proprietary tools and techniques that are deployed in teams to quickly establish a collaborative environment and strengthen the social component of the team or organisation.

Collaboration Partner

ResoLex will support your team or Joint Venture throughout the project lifecycle, helping you operationalize collaborative intent to deliver the desired project outcomes.

Assessing & Developing
Collaborative maturity

Whether at the beginning or while the project is underway, ResoLex is adept at developing and driving the right behaviours and ways of working to enable a positive and collaborative culture.

Client Organisation
Procurement Support

Working with the client project team where they recognise the need to include collaborative behaviours as part of the criteria for selection in the procurement process. We also offer contractor bid support services. 

Working with
Different Cultures

Highlighting the different cultures present within the project environment to understand the behavioural drivers and possible conflict points across the team to help bridge the gap for a positive project culture.

Behavioural Risk

Working to help you understand how certain behaviours can impact project outcomes. We will also help you articulate the risks that these behaviors pose, identify their impact, and then work with you to find solutions to manage and mitigate them.


ResoLex will facilitate team mobilization to encourage positive behaviours, align teams, and establish a foundation for operational capability and collaborative maturity to develop quickly.

Case studies