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Rail Forum’s Infrastructure Collaboration – A route to success

RaisE Business Centre Tom Pudding Way, Goole

A Rail Forum event: ‘Collaboration’ has become a bit of a buzzword in rail in recent times. But what does it mean for the supply chain, why is it important and how can we ensure it works for everyone? Collaboration can take many forms – from establishing a formal joint venture (JV) company to a […]

Roundtable: Transferable skills transforming delivery

ResoLex 1 Paternoster Lane, Paternoster Square, City of London

The ongoing skills shortage is an issue that is widespread and impacting every discipline, especially in the delivery of construction and infrastructure projects across the UK. Many of the contributing factors are outside of the control of project professionals, (such as an ageing workforce with few new entrants) though significant efforts are being put forward […]