How does it work?

The RADAR system is a proprietary project evaluation tool developed by ResoLex. This is a secure system that enables confidential, anonymous reporting and analysis along with evaluation tools.

We use a survey approach to track early warning signals of four areas of behavioural risk over the life of a project:
communication, decision-making, team working and general perception of progress. Effective communication, decision-making and team working are at the core of the success of any project team.

We capture data on a cycle, and then interrogate and conduct analysis to produce insightful project reports. The information can be used simply for reporting purposes or working with the project leadership, can be translated into short-term action plans or for long-term team development.

Radar diagram

ResoLex helped us identify and deal with the risks as well as keeping the team informed. The significant but unexpected side benefit was that the ability to comment in confidence fed through into better and more helpful relationships across the entire team.

Nick Wilkins

Manufacturing Director, Buhler Sortex

We find that the RADAR reports provide us with real insight into our scheme, just as we hoped. We felt that we might miss this information through only using traditional methods. The reports have added value by enabling us to tackle issues early, reducing conflict and ultimately helping save time and money.

Professor John French

Project Director, The Enterprise Centre at the University of East Anglia

To successfully deliver Europe’s largest infrastructure project requires us to clearly and succinctly identify, rationalise and manage a very unique and complex set of challenges, risks and opportunities. ResoLex not only helped us identify those which potentially had the biggest impacts but also prioritise them and develop, implement and monitor our mitigation plans. Moreover, we found it is an excellent tool to stimulate discussion and team working to review strategic and detailed matters.

Ben Wheeldon

Project Director, Crossrail East

What’s coming over the horizon at your project?

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