Welcome to the team Ifonima!

by | Nov 5, 2021

We are thrilled to announce our newest team member – a huge ResoLex welcome Ifonima!

Ifonima is our newest Consultant, specialising in strengthening leadership within major projects. He has expertise in project leadership, strategic planning and project implementation. He has a keen interest in the relationship between people, decision-making, and projects – with a proven track record of facilitating successful project delivery across the construction sector.

Welcome to the team Ifonima

We are delighted to welcome Ifonima to the ResoLex team.


Finding the right skill set for new ResoLex team members is no small task, the mixture of strategic systems thinking with practical implementation experience is a big ask of anyone. Therefore, we were very excited to

 meet Ifonima who has industry project experience, identified the growing industry need for developing collaborative leaders, and undertook a PhD, researching leadership decision-making in complex 



We look forward to incorporating Ifonima’s thinking and research into our approach going forward.

Edward Moore, Chief Executive at ResoLex

During his second week, Ifonima made a big impression at the ICW member’s event. Watch the video below for the main highlights and to hear his view on collaboration post-pandemic (from 0.24 seconds).

Collaboration means getting things done with everyone working towards the same objectives, the same vision, the same aspiration… the main lesson today is that collaboration is difficult but it is doable!

Ifonima Essien, Consultant at ResoLex