Meet our new Director, Margaret Kalaugher!

Meet our new Director, Margaret Kalaugher!

You may have seen our latest news in the quarterly update but in case you missed it… we are delighted to welcome Margaret Kalaugher to our team!

Margaret Kalaugher

Margaret, also known as Mags, has joined us with a whole host of experiences, all with the common aim to create cohesion within complex environments. She has joined us from  Nichols Group where she worked with the Houses of Parliament Restoration & Renewal Programme, Towns Fund and Sellafield.  She has also worked at the Greater London Authority and Transport for London. We’re really excited to have Mags on board, her passion for people and outside thinking approach will be a great addition to the way we support teams engaged in major projects.

We thought we’d let you get to know her a little more – so, we asked her a few super important questions:


What excited you about the role?

I am naturally drawn to standing in the middle of big complex problems and projects – working with people to help them connect with others and collectively navigate through difficult situations that often hinder project performance. Finding an organisation which does exactly that; adding value to project delivery through a holistic approach to building and sustaining successful project teams, was the perfect match!

I am excited to be able to share ideas and understanding with like-minded colleagues. In my first hour, we were turning collaborative strengths into superhero powers, but we’ll leave that story for another day!

What is your biggest achievement with a team/person/project?

In a previous role, I worked in the background to connect people from different disciplines across a programme. I helped the organisation shape a healthy environment that provided space and support to the humans (their colleagues!) who run the programme, enabling them to succeed. Project environments and culture are often forgotten about, but it is really encouraging to work with organisations that recognise the need to focus on their people, and to receive feedback that it helped the programme and those working on it immensely! That, I am proud of!

If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?

This is a tough one! I think I have three options with very different but strategic benefits.

  1. A Polar Bear, because they are fluffy and fuzzy on the outside but hard as steel on the inside – a trait you need when working in really complex environments!
  2. An Ant, because they work well together in a colony – the ideal major project environment for myself and ResoLex!
  3. Finally, the most strategic animal for me would be a Seagull – they get to fly around visiting beaches and enjoying the sea, but also get away with stealing everyone’s chips!

That’s a little insight into Mags – we’re really pleased to have her as part of the team. She’ll be helping you work better together as a team and adding value to your project. Feel free to reach out to her or connect on LinkedIn.

You can meet the rest of the team and our Associates here.

Meet our new Marketing and Communications Manager

Meet our new Marketing and Communications Manager

We are delighted to welcome Elle to the ResoLex Team! Elle is our new Marketing and Communications Manager and the fact you’re reading this means she is already succeeding!

Elle, Marketing and Communications Manager

Elle is a self-starter with experience in all things marketing and communications, from social media management, content creation, brand management to event planning and is a great match to our values and team working ethos.

Within ResoLex the role is broader than in many organisations and Elle wears many hats (we all wear pretty fancy ones) – living by our collaborative values. Part of her role is to communicate our knowledge and experience, share some practical resources to help your teams and of course, market how great we are!

In the new year, you’ll see a host of the ever so popular and engaging Roundtable events and see our Professional Learning Network grow – get in touch with her On LinkedIn or via email ( if you’d like some more information or to just say hi!

Meet the rest of the ResoLex team and our associates here. 

21 this year, so we’ve had to move out!

21 this year, so we’ve had to move out!

We have a new location!

After 16 years at 70 Fleet Street, the building is being redeveloped which has necessitated our move.

During our time in Fleet Street, we saw the ResoLex team and our industry impact grow.

The dining room provided a convivial environment for many Roundtable events and the meeting rooms held many important and exciting workshops that have helped shape national infrastructure projects.

We’ve been fortunate enough to move with our friends and colleagues at the IDRC and now have state of the art facilities at
1 Paternoster Lane, Paternoster Square, London EC4M 7BQ

We look forward to welcoming clients, colleagues, and friends to the new offices!

Changing Behaviours in Construction: A complement to the Construction Playbook

Changing Behaviours in Construction: A complement to the Construction Playbook

The release of the UK government’s Construction Playbook in December 2020 has the potential to be a ‘game-changer’ for the construction industry in the UK. It sets out a series of steps intended to accelerate the delivery of public sector projects, releasing greater value whilst improving the mechanisms for planning, procuring, and delivering construction projects. The Playbook provides a mix of old and new ideas, reminding us of some of the best practices from the past whilst recognising the potential that new technology can bring.

By adding the behavioural element to the best practice areas identified in the Construction Playbook, we can enable project teams to perform to a significantly higher level than current norms in the UK construction industry.

The ideas and practices set out in this paper are based on extensive research into team performance and our experiences in supporting teams engaged in the design and construction process. We know that people are messy; human behaviour changes according to the environment we work in and we usually revert to individualistic behaviours under severe pressure or conflict. However, when the culture is right, we can achieve amazing results.

You can download the report from our Community page, or follow the link: Changing Behaviours in Construction Report



Our team is growing this year!

Our team is growing this year!

Contact us to find out more about the different roles that are available.

If you are a specialist in organisational and project culture, change and transition management, collaborative working or leadership development and want to develop those skills further working on complex projects, we’d love to hear from you.

New website!

New website!

Welcome to the new ResoLex website!

We have taken some time to update our online presence to better reflect our brand and values and showcase our approach to working with major project teams. Visit ‘About Us’ to find information about who we are and how the business has developed over the last 20 years. We have updated information on past projects delivered and we also have a new list of services to give a flavour of what we can offer.

Please do access our resources and join our Community by signing up to receive our newsletter. If you have a specific query or would like to talk to a member of the team, we would love to hear from you. Details are on the ‘Contact Us’ page.